Seismic Positioning Data Management

Business decisions, that include the selection of proposed well locations are invariably determined from seismic trace data, which in turn is dependent upon the seismic positioning data to accurately describe the geo-spatial location of the trace data.  Errors occurring within the seismic positioning data will therefore greatly influence such business decisions and ultimately the outcome of the project.  All data with geo-spatial components must be assessed and corrected prior to integration into a workstation project.  All positional errors that are geophysically significant must be either understood or removed.  This is as much to preserve the project integrity at the proposed top hole well location rather than the proposed target location.  Top hole positional integrity can have a significant bearing on HSE issues through mis-interpretation of Geo hazard surveys and anti-collision modeling.

The company offers a complete range of services to assist with the assessment of data integrity and ambiguity resolution for a host of geo-spatial data associated with exploration and development projects.  Click on contacts to send questions to our analysts or contact the company directly to learn more about or tools and services.