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Seis Grid QC – viewing

A visual check of where the bin grid appears within the regional / local map provides a simple QC check that the bin grid falls within the expected block boundary or close to other defined company assets, e.g. platforms, pipelines etc. Such a check though will not be detailed enough to determine to a satisfactory level whether the correct coordinate reference system has been assigned during definition.  Further investigation will be required to resolve these issues.

Bin grid view on map

When viewing within the main Mapper module no bin grid parameters will be shown.  To examine the parameters of the bin grid in a visual mode the bin grid QC panel shall be activated and the bin grid parameters visualized in this manner.

Bin grid view in QC page

Here, examine the bin grid to determine if it has the correct relationship between the four corner points. As a guideline the baseline A-B indicates the orientation along which the sail lines were aligned, e.g. the direction of the receiver lines (for both land and marine surveys).  Baseline A-C will be the bearing along which the I axes increases (e.g. sail line numbers on a convention marine 3D survey).

Also examine the survey orientation to determine if the orientation represents a right handed or a left handed bin grid definition.  This is in accordance with the definitions given within IOGP document P6/98 data exchange file.  This is also shown within the P6/11 data exchange standard.

If the visual checks are deemed satisfactory the checks can continue to the data analysis step.

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