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Seis Grid QC – Import

A bin grid can be defined in numerous ways involving the following parameters:

  • Corner points
  • Bin grid ranges along each axes
  • Bin grid origin
  • Bin grid orientation

Any combination of these attributes will lead to the creation of the bin grid.  For example:

  • Bin grid origin, bin increment, bin widths, orientation and bin ranges (along both axes).
  • Four corner points (I/J and E/N in each instance).

Bin grid manual definition

Using the parameters provided the best form of definition is sought and the bin grid definition is created accordingly.  Two common entry methods suggested by the workflow:

  • Manual entry requires the specification of any combination of corner points, survey azimuth, bin increment and bin dimension.  This is traditional ‘load sheet’ approach to defining a bin grid.
  • File entry enables common exchange formats such as UKOOA P6/98 and SEG Y (Rev 1) to be used along with .txt and .csv files.

All bin grid coordinates must be assigned a coordinate reference system (CRS) so as to geo-reference the bin grid accordingly.   Often the CRS is not provided with the bin grid parameters and as such some investigative work is required to resolve the matter.  There are two references that should be use to help resolution, namely:  Seismic acquisition report and seismic processing report.  Seek any assistance possible from the definitions contained therein.  Where the bin grid CRS differs between the acquisition report and the processing report the point at which a coordinate operation was performed must be determined.

If the bin grid definition is deemed satisfactory move onto the next step of the QC process – visualizing the bin grid.

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