Seis Grid – QC services – Reproject

Seis Grid QC – Reproject

The workflow may require that, for one reason or another, the CRS to which the bin grid was originally geo-referenced be changed.

The re-project function is required to perform this task.  The analyst will invoke this option and a new CRS’ will be chosen from the user interface prior to the corner points of the grid being recomputed.  In performing this task the analyst must ensure that the new CRS selected is appropriate for the area of use covering the bin grid.  Care must be taken to select a CRS that is not appropriate for the geographical area of the survey project.

New bin sizes and survey orientations will be determined after the re-projected is performed.  Error trapping functions describe to outcome of the re-projection.  Analyst must examine these errors to ensure no geodetic rules have been violated during the process.


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