Seis Grid – QC services – Readjust

Seis Grid QC – Readjust

The workflow recommends use of the readjust function for two main reasons:

  1. The bin grid failed the orthogonality check and the four corner points must be readjusted.
  2. The bin grid has been re-projected.  Often, a change in CRS will cause problems with the orthogonality of the bin grid requiring it to be readjusted.


  • The adjustment function corrects the bin grid to re-attain orthogonality property.
    • The adjustment is done using either an averaging or least squares method
    • The adjustment errors are reported along with the newly adjusted coordinates

Checks will be made to ensure that the changes to the easting and northing coordinates are not deemed to be excessive given the original condition of the bin grid.  Typically, the changes in coordinates as a result of the readjust will depend upon the size of the area over which the bin grid covers and the significance of change in CRS, particularly the change in map projection parameters.

Once this process has been satisfactorily completed the workflow will return back to the general editing page.

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