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Seis Grid QC – Editing

Where the bin grid does not pass one or more of the QC tests there are sufficient grounds to perform editing on the bin grid to rectify the problems identified.  The workflow suggests a number of different editing functions that can be employed within the software and the choice depends upon the editing required.

For example:

Are any of the four corner point incorrect because of a typo problem?

Did the grid fail the orthogonality check?

Was the wrong CRS assigned to the bin grid coordinates?

Typo problems

If a typo problem is discovered it is recommended that the coordinates are amended manually using the editing function provided.  The analyst will enter the amended coordinates into the corner point definition panel.  Typically, this in only recommended when one of the points is at error and a logical explanation to the problem has been identified.

manual editing of the corner points

The corner points can also be edited using the mouse/cursor contol:  Selecting the mouse editing button will enable the cursor to be used to drag the corner point to a new amended coordinate position.

Manual editing with the mouse

  • If the bin grid fails the orthogonality check (i.e. the four inner corners do not individually equal 90 degree) the workflow recommends the the readjust function be used instead of the manual editing.
  • If the bin grid was found to have had the wrong CRS assigned to it during definition the work flow recommends that either:
    • The bin grid be deleted and re-defined from scratch
    • The bin grid is reprojected to the appropriate CRS

Once all the editing is completed the bin grid will finally be published to the exported formats specified.

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