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Seis Grid QC – Analysis

The QC analysis of the bin grid is run automatically without any user intervention.  The QC check comprises a defined set of checks that ensure the correctness of the bin grid definition.  The QC tests check all aspects of the grid including:

  • Rectilinearity (Orthogonality)
  • Bin grid Increment and bin size consistency
  • Bin grid origin
  • Bin grid extents
  • Survey bearing / orientation
  • CRS Geo-referencing

Bin grid view in QC page

The right hand panel shows the visual check of the bin grid parameters, whilst the left hand panel shows the entered parameters (grey) and the calculated parameters (black).  Here a thorough check of the QC results is examined to ensure that the bin grid definition passes the tests.  The results of the test are shown in the lower panel and will indicate whether the bin grid passes or fails the tests undertaken.

Properties panel

A further check is made to examine the relationship between the bin grid coordinates (I / J) and the map projected coordinates for the four corner points.  This is important as often the original bin grid definition will not contain all four corner points, but a collective of bin origin, orientation and bin grid range, from which the remaining corner points will be determined.

four corner point panel

Depending upon the results of the data analysis, one of two paths will be taken:

  • If the bin grid fails any of the QC tests then data editing may be required as the next step.
  • Or, if the bin grid passes all the QC tests then it can be published directly.


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