Seis Grid – QC services

Seis Grid – QC services

3D seismic navigation bin grids are imported and tested using the Geo Suite Seis Grid functionality. The workflows and procedures associated with the bin grid analysis are tailored to suite the functionality offered within the software.

Bin grid view on map


The testing procedures examine all the key attributes that define a bin grid and these include:

  • Coordinate reference system definition
  • Bin grid origin
  • Bin grid axes and the axes labeling
  • Axes orientation (right handed or left handed system)
  • Axes bearing
  • Bin grid increment (I and J axes)
  • Bin grid widths (I and J axes)


Workflow stages

  • Import the bin grid definition either via file loading or manual definition
  • View the bin grid definition within map viewing facility and bin grid QC tool.
  • Examine the QC statistics automatically generated by bin grid QC tool.
  • Edit the bin grid definition accordingly based upon the results of the analysis
  • Export rhe QC’ed bin grid definition.
    • Export P6/98 file format
    • Export bin grid centres to P1/90 format (decimated)
    • Export load sheet definition
    • Export .shp of the bin grid full fold area.
  • Where required:



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