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Seis Line QC – Viewing

The data imported into the project database is viewed within the mapper module.  Each data set added to the project will create a new layer within the project explorer tree (left panel of mapper).   With 3D data there will often be  several different record identifier imported (vessel, source, CMP, echo sounder, tailbouy etc.).  Using the functions provided each category of record identifier can be viewed at the users discretion.

The record identifiers can be viewed individually or collectively as required.  The map view enables a quick QC to be performed that ensures the data is spatially displayed as expected.  This has more relevance when the data can be overlaid on top of background images or other associated culture data.

Default map view CRS

The default CRS used with the map view is WGS84 2D geographical CRS [EPSG code 4326].   A new map view CRS can be assigned to the project.  This enables the data to be viewed in reference to two separate CRS’ in rapid fashion.

This panel enables the map view to have its geo-referencing changed to any appropriate CRS for the geographical area where the data was acquired.


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