QC Consultancy Services

Consultancy services provided by the company traditionally center around quality assurance / quality control of seismic positioning data associated with data acquisition, data processing and data loading. However, this expands to a majority of data sets associated with hydro carbon exploration and production.

Any geo-spatial data sets associated with exploration activities are covered within our portfolio of expertise.  Integration of data sets into an interpretation work station is critical if business decisions made from the data are free of positioning ambiguity.  This is aimed more so at the surface and lower sub-surface than it is at target depth.

Geomatics is a collective name for a number of inter-related disciplines and all have their place in the successful integration of an exploration project.  This includes seismic surveying (navigation and positioning), hydrography, oceanography, GIS, Remote sensing, geodesy and cartography and data management to name a few.  Data sets associated with all these activities have one thing in common in so much that their positional quality is directly related to the choice of coordinate reference systems used to describe the data.

As hydro carbon targets get smaller and are often in more remote locations (e.g. deep water) the importance of geodetic control and data quality  play a more relevant factor in a successful project being completed.  Enhanced Oil Recovery is also an example of where positional quality is critical as defining targets becomes a greater challenge.

The company has been actively engaged in this sector for 20 years and the experiences gained are reflected within the services provided using the software tools contained within the Geo Suite Tool Kit.

Generalized services can be categorized into:

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