Geo Suite Viewer

What is Geo Suite Viewer?

Geo Suite Viewer™ is a separate utility tool to complement the Geo Suite Mapper™. Geo Suite Viewer™ facilitates read-only access to Geo Suite Mapper™ projects. In addition to standard mapping functions (pan, zoom, layers, measure tools) Geo SuiteViewer™ also includes full printing support.

Data Distribution

Once projects have been created within Geo Suite Mapper™ it is often necessary to share the project information between people in the same organization or indeed between different organizations.

The Geo Suite Mapper™ project can be distributed using standard techniques, including email, CD ROM or directly over a network.

As Geo Suite Mapper™ enables projects to be exported in full then Geo Suite Viewer™ enable these projects to be imported in full.

Geo Viewer Features

Once imported the user of Map Viewer™ will have limited functionality but will be able to perform the following features.

  • Switch any of the thematic layers On or Off on demand
  • Pan and Zoom around the data set
  • Calculate distance and area
  • Print the required data using a specific print template

Geo Suite Viewer™ will NOT allow users to:

  • Add further data to the project
  • Edit any of the data contained within the current project
  • Delete any data contained within the current project
  • Map Viewer must simply be treated as a viewing tool.