Seis Grid – Tool Kit – Analysis

Seis Grid – Analysis

The 3D seismic QC function performs a range of QC functions on the bin grid defined during the import process.  The QC functions are used to determine that the fundamental properties of the bin grid make it appropriate for geophysical work.  This included determining orthogonality of the bin grid in addition to checking, increments, bin dimensions and survey grid orientation.

The properties panel tree is expandable and displays more elements of the bin grid in further detail.  An example is shown here where the corner point properties of the grid have been expanded. The WGS84 / UTM 31N coordinates and track and bin definitions are shown in full detail.

The information shown within the panel is directly compared to details provided on the load sheets to ensure there is complete correlation.  Where problems are identified Geo Suite permits the analysts to take a number of different courses of action to rectify these issues.

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