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Seis Grid – Publishing

The last stage of the bin grid QC process is to export the corrected bin grid to a common data exchange file format.  A number of encoders are provided to which the bin grid data can be written.

the default option, and preferred option is to export the data to the UKOOA P6/98 data exchange format.  However, other options include exporting to a load sheet or a .txt file.

A further option provided is to export the bin grid centers to a UKOOA P1/90 or UKOOA P1/84 file.  The option is shown below:

The options provided enable the export file to be decimated and or only have a small sub set of the main bin grid written to file.  The bin grid is exported to the coordinate reference system quoted within the main bin grid properties panel.

Export to Shp file

An option is provided within the application to export the bin grid polygon and text to an ESRI .Shp file format.  The export function is provided within the main ‘Bin grid details’ panel.

The shp file is geo-referenced to the CRS currently specified within the bin grid metadata panel.

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