Seis Grid – Tool Kit – Import

Seis Grid – Import

The 3D bin grid is imported into Geo Suite using one of the methods provides

Three of the more popular methods used by our analysts include:

  • UKOOA P1/90 file.    UKOOA P1/90 file that contains Q records is imported.  As part of the import process the extents of the 3D polygon area as described within the P1/90 file are determined from the maximum and minimum ranges found within the Q records along the two orthogonal axes to generate the 3D polygon.  The extents of the polygon are displayed within the 3D QC function along with the remaining bin attributes, e.g. increment number, bin dimensions, azimuth and orientation.
  • UKOOA P6/98 file.   UKOOA P6/98 file is a purpose designed exchange file format that describes a 3D bin grid polygon. The P6/98 contains the full metadata and attribute data to describe the bin grid and all need to be decoded in order that the exact definition of the grid can be determined.
  • Manual definition. The import panel provides a facility where by the bin grid polygon can be defined manually by the definition of a combination of bin grid corner points, survey bearing, increment number, bin dimensions and bin grid range along both orthogonal axes.


The corner points are added using the user panel shown above.  The function is flexible to enable a bin grid to be defined from:

  • One corner point, increment, bin dimensions, orientation and bin ranges.
  • Two corner points, increment, bin dimensions, orientation and bin ranges.
  • Three corner points and bin ranges
  • Four corner points.

All four options shall result in Geo Suite being able to compute the four corner points of the bin grid and the associated metadata.

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