Seis Line – Tool Kit – Viewing

Seis Line – Viewing

The seismic positioning data imported into the project database will be viewed within the main Geo Suite Mapper module.  Within the main map view there is a Project Explorer panel that provides a list of all the thematic layers currently stored within the project.  The data stored within a layer can be viewed by activating that layer from within the Project Explorer tree.

2D seismic lines

Geo Suite Mapper provides a standard tool kit that allows, among other things:

  • Apply different map scales
  • Change the order of the data layers for drawing purposes
  • Zooming and panning
  • Perform queries on map objects
  • Distance computations
  • Change viewing CRS
  • Change layer properties – transparency, colours etc.
  • Printing / plotting

The map view can be exported and shared between different users groups using the map export function.

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