Seis Line – Tool Kit – Analysis

Seis Line – Analysis

This panel is activated from the project data layer, containing the seismic project database, shown within the Project Explorer tree view.  The QC panel is sub-divided into six panels each showing a different aspect of the data file (Header and Data Block), QC results (Line Summary, Line Statistics and Point Summary) and the Audit Trail.  Some examples of the Data Analysis panels are provided.

Seis Line QC panel

The data block

QC panel - data block


Line Summary panel

The line summary panel provides an inventory of the lines found within the imported file(s).  The line information is displayed along with a colour coding to indicate whether the line has passed or failed to QC tests.  Lines indicated in RED illustrate the lines where problems were found.

QC panel - Line Summary

Data graphs

To compliment the data tables are graphs to show various aspects of the data.  An example of the graphs is shown as follows:

Shot point versus distance

Azimuth versus shot point

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