Seis Line – Tool Kit

Seis Line – Tool Kit

Seis Line is a part of the Geo Suite tool kit specifically written to perform data analysis on positioning data from both 2D and 3D seismic surveys.  The distinctions in functionality are as follows:

2D seismic positioning data:  

  • It analyzes the positioning data primarily in the in-line direction, i.e. the direction in which the survey vessel is sailing or the direction in which the receiver lines are towed or laid.
  • The QC functions are designed to check for errors associated with the direction of travel, e.g. Increment, azimuth, distance and interval (time).
  • Where pre-plot lines for the survey are available checks are also performed in the cross line direction with respect to the radial separation between shot point positions and pre-plot shot point positions.
  • Checks on the vertical component are also conducted, particularly for land surveys.
  • Additionally, for land surveys routines are provided to correlate crossing points of acquired lines.

3D seismic positioning data:

  • It analyzes the data in all three axes, inline, cross line and vertical.
  • The inline checks are exactly the same as those performed for 2D seismic positioning data, i.e the direction of travel.
  • Additional cross line checks are performed to assess both source and towed streamer separations (nears, mids and fars) and addition to streamer feather angle.
  • Vertical checks are made on towed depths for marine surveys and vertical elevations checks for land seismic surveys.

2D seismic lines

The software functionality is designed such that there is a five step process to performing the QA/QC process.  The five general steps comprises:

Follow each of the links provided to see further details on each of the integral steps available within the software for the various analytical processes.


  • Recognition of all common seismic navigation data exchange file formats as part of data import functionality.
  • Elegant text file import wizard enables user to define non-standard exchange files and save the format(s) for future use.
  • Provides project database to store all seismic data assigned to the project.  Data is stored in its original CRS definition and transformed / converted as required to be viewed within the main mapping module.
  • Extensive range of statistical QA/QC tests are provided to enable the detection of errors (systematic and gross) associated with the positioning data.
  • Provides graphical functions to view the positioning data as time series graphs to help visual data quality and error analysis.
  • Parallel mapping views are made available for all data loaded into project database.
  • Manual data editing is provided to edit any aspects of the positioning data.
  • Full reporting functions are provided to create both text and html reports of QC analysis performed.
  • Data export functions are available to export any lines within the data base to a user-selected coordinate reference system and data exchange format.


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