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Geo Suite Catalogue flash screen


Is a standalone application that provides a graphical front end user interface to the back-end geodetic parameter database, which is provided by ESPG database (current version 8.2) plus any user-defined parameters.   The module provides a rapid graphical and manual search engine that enables any geodetic parameter contained within the database to be accessed within a few mouse clicks.

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The tool provides a fast and effective method for viewing any of the parameters associated with geographical and projected CRS’ for a selected area or region.


  • The graphical user interface provides a simple geographical display for geographic searching
  • Manual search engine enables specific queries to be made based up EPSG codes or text strings (e.g. CRS name or Country).
  • Results of the search can be listed by different geodetic category, e.g. Ellipsoids, Units of Measure and Prime Meridians to Coordinate Reference Systems (Projected and Geographical CRS) and Coordinate Transformations.
  • Data mining enables the parameters of a CRS to be viewed at different levels of detail.
  • Enables the creation of User-Defined geodetic parameters for all of the geodetic categories listed within EPSG geodetic parameter registry.
  • Reports of the CRS parameters can be created and exchanged.
  • Provides link to the OGP published Access Database.
  • Allows all deprecated items to be hidden or viewed upon request.
  • Allows all global CRS’ to be hidden or viewed upon request, i.e. ITRF systems etc.
  • Provides a direct piping mechanism to Geo Suite Calc module enabling automated population of the source and target CRS directly from the geodetic database.
  • Provides tools to help user determine to which CRS their coordinates belong when no knowledge of the CRS has been provided with the coordinates.

Graphical user interface

The main graphical user interface enables user to select a point from the world map corresponding to their area of interest (the geographical location where the geodetic parameters are required).  The  user interface provides the usual zoom and pan features to assist the selection process.

map search - zoomed in

Manual search engine

Geo Suite Catalogue provides a manual search function where a string value can be entered into the text box provided.  The text string can comprise either a geographical description of the area of interest or an EPSG code should it be already known.

View - Search panel

Results panel

The results panel lists all geodetic parameters (by category) that fit the search criteria defined.  The results panel can be changed to view parameters by category or arranged to be listed according to any of the items shown (i.e. name, code etc.)

Rearrange viewing panel

Data mining

From the results panel additional details of any of the items shown can be found by selecting that item from the results list.

Geodetic datum parameters

The process can be continued through different layers as are available for the parameters provided.

Geo Suite Catalogue parameter piping

In addition to providing a quick view facility for the geodetic parameter registry, Geo Suite Catalogue’s main function is to pipe geodetic parameters to all other modules of Geo Suite Tool Kit thus providing geodetic integrity and consistency of computations throughout Geo Suite Tool Kit.

An example of this is the link between Geo Suite Catalogue and Geo Suite Calculator.  Any CRS being viewed within Geo Suite Catalogue can be ‘sent’ to Geo Suite Calculator to populate the Source and Target CRS of the calculator directly.  For example, the CRS being viewed in Geo Suite Catalogue is WGS 84 / UTM zone 49N.

CRS parameters to send to Calc

If the Calculator button is selected from this panel is will take the geodetic parameter values from Geo Suite Catalogue for the CRS being viewed and will populate the calculator directly.  In this instance:

Source CRS:   WGS 84 / UTM zone 49N

Target CRS:  WGS 84

This enables a coordinate operation of type:  Conversion to be performed between the 2D projected CRS and 2D geographic CRS.

Calaculator populated directly from DB

Backward Compatibility

Geo Suite Catalogue supports backward compatibility between different vintages of EPSG databases. This protects any user-defined CRS ‘ and or other parameters that have been added to an existing database.   When a later version of the EPSG database is downloaded all the previously entered geodetic parameters will be automatically copied from the existing geodetic database to the new geodetic database.  All EPSG codes will be honoured during the process, particularly those user-defined codes assigned.

Selected database path


Search Coordinate Operations

Analysts regularly face the situation where coordinates of a point are provided but it is not supported by sufficient metadata to describe to which CRS the coordinates are referenced.  Two tools are provided by Geo Suite Catalogue to assist determining to which CRS the coordinates may belong.  One tool will perform the search based upon coordinate conversions and one with respect to coordinate transformations.

Tools menu

The search results will appear as follows in the case of the coordinate conversion:

Search results on CRS identification


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