Geomatic Solutions develops its own Tools primarily for use within its consultancy practice.  However, the tools can be purchased by clients with the required skill base.  The tools all form part of the Geo Suite Tool Kit and comprise 12 integrated modules to assist the geo-spatial professional with all salient aspects of seismic positioning data management, from geodetic control to QA/QC functionality of 2D and 3D land and marine seismic surveys.

Geo Suite Tool Kit

This the signature product produced by the company and forms the main inventory of modules whose functionality is spread over the following:
Software schematic

Geo Suite Essentials

This is a package that contains together Geo Suite Catalogue and Geo Suite Calculator.
Geo Repository
This package is a web app version of Geo Suite Essentials that offers a majority of the functionality provided within Geo Suite Essentials.

Geo Suite SEG-Y

A stand alone module designed to read and extract seismic positioning data from SEG-Y trace headers. The tool reads SEG-Y files, provides a tabular view of the EBCDIC and trace header information and provides the functions to export these data to an export file.