Petrel Training Course

logo_slb_headerNever stop learning…. That is one of the mantras that Geomatic Solutions believe in. Why would you not want to know how something works or why a processes is used. This is why last week a number of the Geomatic Solutions staff visited the Schlumberger offices in Tanager, Norway to attend a Petrel Fundamentals training course.

Petrel is a huge and powerful application, much of the functionality offered is outside the scope of the core work provided at Geomatic Solutions. However, many of our customers use the product from Schlumberger. It is therefore important that we have a good understanding of how the application works; how to maximise its functionality, and how different customers may utilise it.

The greater our understanding of an application and a process then the better we are positioned to provide useful and actionable support to our customers.

The training course provided by Schlumberger was very informative, the content was well delivered and addressed how to use a range of applications within the software. We would recommend the training courses provided by Schlumberger to anyone looking to get a better insight into the functionality available.