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GeoSuite Toolkit

Add the GeoSuite Toolkit to your workflow, and benefit from increased confidence in your data. Convert, manage, map and QC your geospatial data – while maintaining its geospatial integrity and ensuring it is fit for purpose.

Powerful tools. Reliable results.

  • GeoSuite Calc

    Every coordinate operation you need. Our independent, industry-verified geodetic engine gives you the ability to robustly validate geospatial data and calculations.

  • GeoSuite Catalogue

    Our GeoSuite Catalogue is a flexible and customisable database. View and query the contents, and build your own geospatial entities for precise geodetic calculations within GeoSuite. Ideal for specialist teams.

  • GeoSuite Mapper

    Load all your spatial data for each project into this lightweight GIS application, and geodetically reference it all correctly – whatever the initial formats you start with. Combine all your vector, raster, seismic and well-related data in one place – then create concise maps and charts. You can export everything in an industry-standard format, confident the data is ready for your project.

  • GeoSuite Bin Grid QC

    Check your bin grids meet specifications, requirements and tolerances. Export your data to industry standard formats, and convert it as required to make it fit for purpose.

  • GeoSuite Seismic QC

    Examine every aspect of your seismic positional data. Convert, correct, transform and quality control. Then you can export and store it in your corporate datastores for ease of access and increased security.

  • GeoSuite SEG-Y

    Examine and extract trace header or EBCDIC information from SEG-Y files and run automatic comparisons with positional information. This function lets you re-build positional information and verify bin grids (3D) or 2D navigation merges.

Oil rig

Based on the EPSG registry

Our calculator and catalogue back onto the EPSG registry, as supplied by the IOGP. Using the industry-standard helps you maintain the quality and reliability of your data.

Just need the basics?

GeoSuite Essentials

Use GeoSuite Calculator and GeoSuite Catalogue for all your basic calculations.

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