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Our Service

Bring in the specialists

Ask us to find the errors in your geospatial data or perform every geodetic calculation you need. We can quality assess your entire database or build your quality control process, whether it’s related to single issues or entire workflows.

Reliable. Consistent. Meticulous.

We developed our own suite of tools to help us deliver the best possible data management and integrity services. When you involve us on a project you can trust that your data will be fit for purpose, whenever you need it.

Part of your team.

We fit seamlessly into your processes, we work at your pace and deliver to your deadlines. We bring the experience and dependability you need for industry-leading data management.

Our services in detail.

  • Geomatic computations.

    Our clients use us for a range of geomatic challenges: from consistent geodetic computations for coordinate operations, to reliable integrated repositories for CRS management, and consultation for geospatial data management strategies.

  • Seismic acquisition and processing.

    Your seismic data is only as good as its metadata. We’ll help you plan your seismic surveys – and make sure you get the positional data you need. We can check bin grid definitions, and QA or QC positioning data related to seismic acquisition, processing, SEG-Y trace headers and EBCDIC headers.

  • Well and borehole data checks.

    Avoid costly mistakes. We verify your well and borehole data, checking the well header data and performing the well bore survey computations you need.

Be confident in your data

Our software and services
support you through every stage.

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