Geodetic Framework – internal framework

Geodetic Framework

Whether an exploration company has internal Geomatics resources (direct hire or through consultants) establishing a ‘rigorous’ geodetic framework is a foundation that should improve the geodetic integrity of interpretation projects and all geo-spatial data contained therein.  Coordinates of a proposed drilling location can be used with greater assurance that the well is being drilled at the location identified from the trace data whose geo-spatial referencing and integrity was established prior to data loading and data usage.

What basic elements comprise a geodetic framework?  These will include, but will not be limited to:

  • The establishment of a geodetic authority against which the geodetic parameters used within software applications can be cross referenced.
  • The establishment of an internal geodetic authority, into which user-defined coordinate reference systems can be stored and maintained.
  • The ability to generate geodetic reference sheets from the geodetic authority. The reference sheets will be used throughout the life cycle of a project to act as a geo-spatial benchmark.
  • The establishment of geodetic business rules used to create QA/QC workflows and procedures that will form the basis of the assurance system and to test the integrity of data contained within corporate data stores.
  • The establishment of a navigation database into which all geo-spatial data is imported, once it has been subjected to the quality assurance system.
  • The establishment of business rules to store navigation data in a common CRS and common data exchange format.
  • The establishment of business rules that will protect all metadata and attributes associated with the data, e.g. QC indicators.
  • Establishment of procedures to load geo-spatial data from corporate database to workstation projects.
  • The establishment of procedures to maintain data integrity when projects are migrated between different versions of the same product or between different products via Open Spirit.


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