Geodetic Framework – GIGS Testing

GIGS Testing

When projects are migrated between different software applications, or between different versions of the same product, it is essential to ensure that the geodetic parameters associated with the two systems / versions are identical.  Having a mis-match of parameters or definitions will have detrimental effect on the integrity of project data and potential business decisions made from the data.

Furthermore, does the software application perform coordinate operations correctly?  A recent joint industry project was published by IOGP (JIP-24) known as GIGS (Geo-spatial Integrity of Geoscience Software).  The project aimed to publish a set of guidelines and test data sets that vendors and clients alike could use to determine the effectiveness with which a software application conducted these operations.  Although GIGS addressed many aspects of a products geo-spatial capabilities the guts of the project addressed how an application performed coordinate operations and how asset data was loaded and exported from projects.

The test data provided by IOGP will be used within the application being tested to perform these tasks.  The results generated from the tests will be compared against the tests data benchmarks / truth provided.   Variances between the results and benchmark will be derived to determine whether the coordinate operations were performed to the accepted tolerance levels.   Vendors are encouraged to perform a self-assessment of their products to determine the acceptability their system performance.  Client’s may or may not be made aware of their findings.


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