Our philosophy

Company Philosophy

“To provide excellence in our products and services that will ensure that geo-spatial data contained within Oil and Gas Exploration and Development projects is of a quality that is fit for purpose.”


Data sets of varying types and vintage provide a valuable asset to an exploration team, data that forms the basis of the decision making process for proposed well locations.  When data sets are sensitive to geo-spatial positioning it is necessary to ensure that project teams are made aware of horizontal and vertical positioning errors, particularly ahead of business decisions being taken.

“Fit for purpose”

Is the geo-spatial data fit for purpose? Does the data contain positioning errors that are geophysically significant and will have an impact on the end result?

Prior to integration within an interpretation workstation all geo-spatial data should be subjected to QA/QC workflows and procedures to determine the usefulness of the data and where errors, or ambiguity are detected they are understood and will not influence the project outcome.


The company endeavours to work closely with our clients to establish a Geodetic Framework within their organisation that provides a robust mechanism to ensure the geo-spatial data used by their project teams is the best available and all positioning errors are understood.  A Geodetic Framework will comprise a number of key factors that are described thus: