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International Association of Oil and Gas Producers     IOGP logo 

The company has a strong ethos towards the Guidance Notes, Industry standards and Data Formats provided by International Associated Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) – Geomatics Sub-Committee.  This group provides the driving force behind the creation of best practices within the Oil and Gas Geomatics community.  Reference is made to the following sections of their web site with respect to the following:

Geophysical Operations

Geo-spatial Integrity of Geoscience Software (GIGS)

EPSG dataset

Survey and Positioning / Guidance Notes


International Marine Contractors Association                                  IMCA logo 
IMCA provides excellent guidance notes and best practices, amongst other subjects offshore survey activity.  You are encouraged to investigate the contents of their Offshore Survey section and digest the guidance documents they have published(Filter by division = Offshore Survey; Filter by Type = Guidance document).

Professional Petroleum Data Management Association          PPDM Logo

PPDM provides excellent guidance towards data management within the petroleum industry through their ‘dissemination of best practices and standards’.

You are encouraged to examine details of their standards of the PPDM model.

Energistics                           Energistics Logo

Energistics is another global organisation promoting data exchange standards within oil and gas sector for upstream activities.  Its main activities relate to geology and drilling activities but it does have relationships with associated organisations to promote geophysical activities.

International Associated of Geophysical Contractors                    IAGC Logo

IAGC is a well established International Association which provides support and guidance to the activities of the principle geophysical contracting companies operating globally. Although their members are responsible for the acquisition of a vast majority of geophysical survey data IAGC provides publications and documentation more driven towards operational safety and HSE issues.   Their web site is informative and does provide some excellent introductory material related to geophysical operations to non-members.

Association of Petroleum Surveying and Geomatics         APSG Logo

APSG is an unincorporated body that invites individuals professionally working within the disciplines of Surveying and Geomatics to join their organisation to help promote best practices and share war stories.  The organisation was founded in 1998 and has grown in strength ever since.  Although the organisation does not directly publish and global standards it does act as a conduit to the many professional bodies it has affiliations towards.


There are many other associations and organisations associated with geodetic and seismic related activities, too many to mention off this site.  Worthy of follow up are: