Geo Suite version 5.0 release

Press Release


Geomatic Solutions is pleased to announce the release of version 5.0 of the Geo Suite tool kit.   The tool kit is released complete with new enhanced seismic navigation data management tools that enables a more efficient and powerful analysis of the full inventory of seismic navigation data exchange formats.   New features include the new Px/11 OGP decoders, enhanced data editing functions and full integration of vertical datums to create compound solutions.

Andrew Cheetham, Director, said “Both Geo Suite and Geo Essentials offers the geo-spatial user community a series of integrated modules that provide a ‘must have’ companion to companies working with seismic navigation data.  The tool offers integrated work flows that provide a set of natural steps to import, assess, edit and publish navigation data prior to it being submitted to a corporate data store or interpretation workstation.   Data is published in a variety of data exchange formats whose geo-spatial integrity has been assessed to ensure the navigation data is fit for purpose.”