Esri European Petroleum GIS Conference (EPUG)


ESRI_logoIn our efforts to stay updated and engaged with our client base, Geomatic Solutions this week attended the ESRI European Petroleum GIS conference. We were treated to a range of presentations and exhibitions that provided a great insight into how different companies are attempting to leverage the potential of a number of ESRI products and the challenges they face when trying to incorporate GIS into their daily workflows.

The utilisation of web mapping services and the effective use of GIS products are a great opportunity for a company to unlock the power of its geospatial data. However great care needs to be taken to ensure that the geospatial data is correctly incorporated into the relevant systems and databases. Failure to do so could potentially degrade the data and adversely affect the critical business decisions. This is where the services of Geomatic Solutions can help, we have worked with a variety of businesses within the Oil and Gas industry to ensure workflows and processes are in place to ensure that all geospatial data is correctly handled so as to avoid potentially costly mistakes. If you have any question or would like to discuss any aspects of handling geospatial data, you can contact Geomatic Solutions via any means listed on the Contact Us page here.